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Social Justice Grant Opportunities

July 2024

Youth Climate Justice Fund

Due July 1, 2024

Up to $20,000 in core flexible funding for emerging climate justice groups led by people under 35. Support for inclusive organizing, collective action, and intersectional movement building. Interest in cultivating diverse leadership rooted in fair and equitable climate action with community power, raising ambitions and commitments on climate & socio-environmental justice, holding policymakers accountable to their promises. 

Geographic focus: East Asia and Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia, Europe and Central Asia, and North America. 

Global E-STEM Awards

Due July 8, 2024

Awards up to $50,000 to support promising programs that build and use STEM knowledge and skills in environmental learning and problem solving. Engaging students aged 11 to 22 in STEM topics, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to take action to advance climate change solutions, sustainable energy, or sustainable transportation. Preference will be given to nonprofit organizations working with underrepresented audiences in STEM and using partnerships to boost their impact.

Geographic focus: Global

Global Fellowship Programme on AI & Market Power

Due July 8 2024

Up to $70,000 for fellowships to support investigative research and critical analysis into the political economy of large-scale AI systems to sharpen our collective understanding of market concentration in the AI ecosystem. Applicants with journalistic experience, with strong investigative skills including OSINT, as well as fluency in market and technical research are encouraged.

Geographic focus: Global


The Canada Fund - Ukraine

Due July 14, 2024

Support for civil society organizations in Ukraine. $30,000 to $50,000 for projects serving women and veterans and towards strengthening Ukranian identity. The program is directed at projects designed predominantly by local partners. Grants are selected and approved by the Embassy of Canada to Ukraine.

Geographic focus: Ukraine, with similar grant opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and Jamaica.

The Future of Life Institute

Due July 15 2024

$1 to 4 million for projects that work to mitigate the dangers of AI-driven power concentration and move towards a better world of meaningful human agency.

Geographic focus: Global

The D-Prize Challenge

Due July 15, 2024

Startup grants of up to $20,000 to entrepreneurs launching new organizations that distribute proven poverty solutions aiming to scale.

Geographic focus: mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, but also in low-or-middle income countries

Equality Fund

Due July 24, 2024

Grants to resource feminist movements as they anticipate, prepare for, and respond to crises. Support for initiatives that are contextually relevant, collaborative, and sustainable. Prioritizing strategies that centre the needs, voices, and leadership of women, girls, and gender-expansive people, and other marginalized groups who are disproportionately impacted by crises.

Geographic focus: Global South and East


Tinker Foundation

Due July 25, 2024

Democratic Governance in Latin America: $50,000 to $150,000 to support increasing access to justice and the rule of law for vulnerable and marginalized groups. Research and advocacy, experimentation, scaling up of promising interventions, and exchange of knowledge and models – with the overarching goal of contributing to large-scale change in policy and practice.  Funds community engagement and capacity-building, applied research, measurement and evaluation activities, and workshops and conferences. 

Geographic focus: Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America 

Upcoming & Ongoing

​Groundswell Rapid Response Fund

Applications accepted monthly starting August 1, 2024

$5,000 to $20,000 in fast funding to grassroots organizations led by women of color, trans people of color, low-income women, and trans people in critical but unexpected fights to protect and advance reproductive and social justice.

Geographic focus: United States

Civitates: Protecting and Expanding Civic Space in Europe

Due August 18, 2024

​Up to $120,000 over 2 years to build the readiness and power of civil society to protect and expand civic and democratic space, particularly at key social and political moments. Also support for efforts to build democratic cultures and support civil society and civic participation in Austria.

Geographic focus: Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, France and Austria


Unifor Social Justice Fund​

Due September 2, 2024

Grants for national and international NGO’s, community organizations, advocacy groups and trade unions in their efforts to strengthen democracy, promote equitable development, provide humanitarian assistance, reduce economic insecurity and support human rights

Geographic focus: Global

UU Fund for a Just Society

Due September 30, 2024

Up to $15,000 for non-Unitarian Universalist groups in the U.S. and Canada that use community organizing to bring about systemic change leading to a more just society and mobilize those who have been disenfranchised and excluded from resources, power and the right to self-determination. Groups with an annual budget over $500,000 are ineligible to apply.

Geographic focus: Canada and the United States

​AJ Muste Social Justice Fund

Due October 21, 2024

Up to $10,000 for grassroots activist projects in the US. Priority to groups with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding. Ending border and the criminalization of immigrants; redefining systems of policing and criminal justice; confronting institutionalized violence against racial, ethnic, gender-based, and LGBTQ communities; putting an end to economic exploitation, class stratification, systemic poverty; stopping stop the war machine, ending state sponsored terrorism, and exposing the dangers of nuclear power.

Geographic focus: United States

​WYDE Civic Engagement Project

Due January 15, 2025

Involving youth civil service organizations in democracy. Up to $30,000 for national and transnational projects in support of youth civic engagement and participation in the political decision-making processes across the Sub-Saharan Countries.

Geographic focus: Global South and Sub-Saharan Africa

The Raith Foundation 

Applications accepted from January through April 2024

Core grants for social justice in South Africa. Multi year support about 1,000,000 R per year across all thematic areas in the social justice space, towards the fair and just exercise of that power where it affects the marginalised and vulnerable.

Geographic focus: South Africa


Climate Justice Impact Fund for Africa 

Open applications

2024 Call for Proposals: up to 15,000 EUR per year, renewable. Accelerating the launch and scale up of high impact, market ready blended climate finance structures in developing economies in Africa. Supports robust engagement of communities at the frontline of the climate crisis together with governmental and private sector partners in collectively developing scaling up solutions. Result-oriented, sustainability-focused, and cost-effective concept ideas are highly encouraged.

Geographic focus: Africa

The Impact Fund

Open applications

Recoverable grants averaging $20,000 for legal services by nonprofits, private attorneys, and small law firms who seek to confront social, economic, and environmental injustice

Geographic focus: United States

Ben & Jerry's Foundation​

Applications open until October 2024

Grants to further social and environmental justice. Support for local leadership and grassroots organizing of groups carrying out activities that build support and collective action to address impacts of inequity and injustice in their communities. Organizations with budgets over $350,000 are ineligible to apply.

Geographic focus: United States

Featured Grant Opportunities
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