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Moving resources toward democracy & social justice

Cain & Company is a startup boutique consulting firm that works with small- to mid-sized NGOs & grantmaking foundations dedicated to peace & justice, civil & human rights, a vibrant culture, a healthy climate, & the defeat of the far right. 


Specialists in progressive philanthropy

Tapped into a network of progressive foundations and NGOs in Europe & North America, we specialize in facilitating private grants to sustain democracy & the fragile planet upon which it depends.

Sliding scale rate for NGOs located in the global South.

Our Specialty

Foundation Fundraising for NGOs

  • Research on prospective funders 

  • Strategy for institutional grants

  • Writing concept notes, proposals & cover letters

  • Creating & maintaining grants tracking systems

Philanthropic Advising
for Donors & Foundations

  • Developing values-based grantmaking guidelines

  • Performing due diligence on prospective grantees

  • Creating & maintaining grantmaking systems

  • Instituting best practices & strategies for maximum ROI


Long-form Communications for Movement Leaders 

  • Thought leadership articles for publication 

  • Storytelling & ghostwriting 

  • Public reports on developments in social justice

  • Internal stakeholder communications

July 2024


Meet the Team

The Team

Supported Grantseeking


An affordable package of services to help you “do it yourself”

with 4-5 hours per week of staff time. 


  • Researching the best 20 funders for your work and developing a strategy for each

  • Framing and describing your programs to match trending funder interests

  • Writing cover letters, concept notes and full proposals for your customization

  • Strategizing ways to access funders that accept proposals by invitation only

  • Creating a submissions calendar with due dates, links, and application instructions

  • Providing year-round technical support to help with application and strategy questions

  • Access to a customized grants database to track your requests

  • Training your admin staff in more advanced fundraising tasks

  • Conducting an advance feasibility study to determine potential cost benefit

In-house administration of grant requests means stronger institutional memory, better internal familiarity with funders, and greater organizational capacity to sustain a long-term fundraising program.

USD 12,500 per year

Full service packages available starting at $25,000 per year

Supported Grantseeking

Our Movement Partners

Movement Partners
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